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A second Lonsdale Street Roasters in the works (sort of)

My local grocer, the ANU food coop, has recently moved into the brand spanking new premises of the Lena Karmel building at the ANU. 

With a whole lot more space to use, the coop has been thinking about using a cosy nook of the whole space as a coffee shop. I first heard of this when chatting to the friendly folk when picking up my weekly vege box, but it looks like the idea has now fully developed. 

This proposal was posted last week, and is out for comment at the moment. I seriously hope this gets off the ground. It’ll bring a sense of community to high density area, as well as providing students with jobs and skills. And for me, it’ll mean that LSR coffee is even closer than it already is at the main store in Braddon.

I seriously think it’s a great idea. A cafe run by people who aren’t expert at running it, in a part of the city where there is some seriously good coffee, could have seriously failed. The involvement of a business which is well-respected, thriving and a well-oiled machine will be a learning experience for everyone involved.  

It’s amazingly community-minded of the LSR folk to get involved. Imagine what kind of vibrant community spaces we could have in Canberra if more local businesses were willing to share their expertise. 

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